Should I stay or should I go?

Here are 7 reasons to consider moving some of your QlikView applications to Qlik Sense:

1) Working patterns have changed. In spite of the work-life balance mantra, people are more likely to want to consume and analyse data out of the office and outside the 9-5 day – whether that’s at a client site, during the commute home or after the kids have gone to bed.

2) The face of computing has changed. The screen size is no longer the default 1024*768 pixels offered by the standard office monitor. Users want the flexibility to engage with Qlik applications on laptops, mobiles and tablets – and that requires a responsive design, optimised for whatever device they are using.

3) Users have changed – data literacy is increasing. Just as there was a culture change from mining spreadsheets to QlikView applications that allowed data analysis, now there is another change as users demand the ability to be able self-serve – not only exploring their data but further developing the applications they use.

4) Use cases have changed. Organisations increasingly want to integrate elements of Business Intelligence into other applications. No longer is BI an after-thought, now its embedded into solutions to enable better decision making.

5) Hosting has changed. Data is now sourced form a myriad of environments – some on-premise, some from the cloud. BI may be consumed by employees on the intranet or customers, partners and suppliers via extranets. To support these requirements, a solution with more flexible hosting options makes sense.

6) BI is changing. The rise of the “citizen data scientist” requires that BI solutions offer Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Intelligence – automating elements of the data preparation and prompting users with the optimal visualisations for KPIs.

7) Qlik’s Dual-Use Licensing Offer. This enables existing QlikView users to benefit from Qlik Sense for an uplift in the QlikView annual maintenance charge.
For more detail on the offer, check Qlik’s community post
Or have a look at the “QlikView and Qlik Sense Together” Webinar

What’s your reason for wanting to migrate? Why not contact us to discuss the benefits, options and costs of migrating QlikView apps to Qlik Sense.

So, you got let me know – should I stay or should I go?
(with thanks to the Clash for the quote and helping us agonise our way through the 80s)

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